Her Voice

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Will

I sometimes just focus on the sound of her voice. It could be her mouth, her lips and tongue forming words, I like to watch her mouth as she talks. I think it started with the sex stories - I often beg her to tell me sex stories. Sometimes they are realistic, stories about our monogamous life, us making each other cum and cumming together. Sometimes playing with toys, teasing each other on the way to a huge orgasmic eruption. But there are the naughty stories, our non-heterosexual, non-monogamous selves fucking each other, and everyone else too.  I travel for work and when I'm away and can't sleep I always try having an orgasm to help my insomnia. I fantasize about her telling me a story - of course there are pictures in my imagination of the sex, but really my fantasy is about her voice, us naked, hands roaming over each other as she talks about naked bodies - all of the cocks and pussies and cum...the sound of her voice saying anything as I cum on her, or in her...I'm always a little sad once we've both cum because then the story ends. But often the words don't matter. I feel like a bad husband sometimes... she's telling me about her day and I'm listening to the sound of her voice, not the words. I'm sexually focused on her mouth, her lips, her tongue - the sound of her. My cock is tingling, getting hard...I wonder what her reaction would be if I just dropped my pants, ran my hand over my cock and came as she finished her story about a useless afternoon meeting....