Her fantasy finally came true!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Negril4u

We are married with a great sex life. We had a few soft swings with a couple in the past where she and my friend Rick would exchange long kisses. Rick is separated from his wife and my wife mentioned the other day that she really liked him. I mentioned that we should have Rick up to our weekend place, and she agreed. I told Rick the possibilities were stronger than before. Rick arrived, we had a great evening with music, wine, conversation. I had written her a note telling her it was ok by me if she wanted some time with Rick. If she wanted this, to leave and come back out in one of her nighties. I had already hidden a camera in the bedroom. It was starting to get late when she went up to the bedroom. I assured Rick things were ok by me and to follow her lead until she was exhausted. She came back and turned the corner, wearing a sheer little nightie and nothing else. She gave me a long kiss and whispered in my ear “thanks, I love you babe”. She then went over to Rick, straddled him in his chair and laid one on him as well then took him by the hand upstairs until I heard the door shut. I about passed out, what had I done? All these thoughts were going through my head and my heart was beating out of my chest. I turned on the camera with my phone to see what was happening. They were off to the side making out until she stopped and took his shirt off. Rick is ripped so this was a big turn on for her. They continued making out until they stopped again, she knelt down and took his pants off. They moved into a better view from the camera. Rick had a bulging hard on. After a moment, she took off his underwear and stroked his dick as she began to suck it. He eventually reached down and pulled her up to lean her back on the bed. They continued kissing exposing her breasts. He made his way down to her pussy. He began fucking her with his tongue. Her moans were just turning me on. This went on until I saw her pull out a vibrator from under the pillow. She began buzzing herself right away. After a couple minutes, she raised her head and began to fuck Ricks face as she launched into an incredible orgasm. I could hear her sounds of pleasure downstairs. She kept buzzing for another orgam until boom, here she came again almost as strong as the first time. Rick took her nightie off. She moved him on top of her while she led his dick to her pussy. She moaned softly as he pushed his dick deep into her and began to slowly fuck her. He began to fuck her harder. I could hear the bed rocking downstairs. She then rolled him over so she was on top. She began fucking him with great rhythm until he let out a moan while pumping his cum in her. She milked every drop from his dick. They kissed then Rick began gathering his things as she got back in bed. He thanked me as I headed up to slip into bed with my exhausted wife. I fingered her soaked pussy before she climbed on top and rode me to orgasm. We woke up the next morning, Rick had already left.