Girl on The Bus

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Yr Ddraig Goch

I have always had a fascination with women. Although I have dated, had sex, and even got engaged to men in the past, it wasn't until I had my first crush on a woman did I start to fantasise fully about the idea of being intimate with a woman. She has fiery red hair, shimmering eyes and curvaceous body turn me on so much every time I see her on the bus on my route to work. Unfortunately, I don't even know her name, let alone have had a conversation with her. The other day, I was on my way to work and found that the seat next to her was available. As I sat down, all I wanted her to do was put her hand on my knee and tease me with her fingertips, and drag me out at the next stop so that we can have sex in a nearby alleyway.