Gallery of You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lea

I'm an artist. I've always wanted to create an art gallery exhibit that invites other people to experience the textures, scents, visuals, emotions, sounds of my lovers through the lens of my memories with them. Sometimes I dream them up and write them down to send as foreplay. I did one with my ex...the first time we had sex, he'd brought me flowers. I knocked over a bottle of juice that spilled on the carpeting when he flipped me over, and he was distracted by the stain, but not distracted enough to stop and my fingers were extra sticky. It smelled so sweet and fantastic, and the floor turned a deep ruby red...details like that, I'd love to hang an arrangement of dried flowers in big white sunny room, with the smell of fruit and his soap and my shampoo, and in the center a fragmented sculpture series, all his angles and edges, bathed in milky light, maybe recordings of his nervous laugh, and the sweet things he said after while stroking my hair that turned into poems later... I have so many memories of sex that I wish could be brought to life that way. Oh, and then I'd love to have sex there. A bit meta I guess, but a making a new memory within a memory.