A friendship rekindled

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LV927

I have a recurring fantasy about a friend I knew in college. Part of the fantasy is that the two times we’d hooked up in college, he was amazingly worshipful, which has just been elaborated in my imagination since.

In one of these fantasies, I'm in the city where he lives for a work function, and he offers to let me stay at his house so that we can reconnect. After going for dinner and drinks where we reminisce about the past, I confess on our walk back to his house that I've always wondered about what might have happened if we'd really gotten together. He admits that he's always wondered the same, and that he's spent the whole evening imagining me naked. With an innocent kiss to begin, we're suddenly overcome with passion as we go into his condo, pushing each other against walls, stumbling up the stairs and frankly making a scene as one of his neighbors walks past.

Once inside, we tumble onto the couch, kissing and caressing, and he goes down on me, stopping just before letting me come in spite of my begging. I reciprocate, relishing in the way that he moans and whispers "yes yes yes" as he comes in my mouth. He starts to lead me to the bedroom, but before we get there, I grab him and pull him against me, letting him pin me against the wall. He gets down onto his knees and eats me out, gently fingering me until my knees start to shake. When I tell him I can barely stand, he picks me up and moves me to the kitchen, setting me on the counter and burying his head under my skirt, and then brings me to a toe-curling orgasm. By the time I'm done, he's hard again, and we move to the bed. We fuck slowly at first, and he kisses, licks, and nibbles my skin gently. I can see his expression change as his pleasure grows, and he groans, grabbing at me, gently tugging my hair and biting at my skin, fucking me harder and faster until we come together.