French lost in... Sweden

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Flitig_Elev

I have this fantasy that has haunted me since I finished the Swedish course, the famous SFI... How lucky to have had as a teacher this little blonde with such deep blue eyes that made me dream about her during her lessons. I understood absolutely nothing of what she was teaching... but how attentive I was! When I didn't understand her Swedish I try to read her body language, her hands gestures, her facial expressions, or look into her beautiful blue eyes... And I felt like a comet approaching the earth, not too close to colliding with her but close enough to make my heartbeat quicken......... Holding her in my arms, class over and the other classmates gone, I put her on the desk, kissing her on the neck and saying sweet words, dirty words, and french words. And she, with a jerky breath accepted my advances with oui, oh oui, oui... With one hand I unbuttoned her ABBA-style shirt revealing her white chest while with another I slipped it under her long dress to approach... the earth...