A Sexual Fantasy


I have always wanted to watch my wonderful sexy wife make love to another man... to see her receiving pleasure, and to see her skillfully "inflicting" pleasure on him .. to watch in awe at her excitement of exploring a new beautiful body, to bring back memories of her youth, except this time with the skills of a sexy, beautiful, skilled woman.. with her husband quietly watching. The scene starts with me lighting candles in a darkened sensual bedroom, a framed photograph beside the bed .. us smiling, I pull the covers back in preparation and sit quietly ... The door opens and she walks in, her hand behind her, leading her new young lover into the room. He looks a little startled when he sees me .. she turns and kisses him and whispers into his ear. I watch as they undress and explore each other, her kneeling ion front of him taking his cock in her mouth... then they move to the bed and I watch then exploring further, including our favorite position .. 69 side by side.. his head inn her thigh, her mouth round his cock with her coming as she sucks him... then watching as she lies on her back, spreading wide for him as he enters her ... first slowly, then with more intensity as he begins to take her hard.. lasting inside her... taking her to another long deep orgasm... then watching her as she feels his orgasm raise.. the final deep strokes.. his load moan as she pulls him tight to her body as her orgasms.. They lie breathless, and his finally gets up, dresses and leaves. I approach.. now naked, and mover between my wives thighs ... she spreads wide for me, and I slide deep into her in one deep stroke and we both come together....