Fantasy of Desire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Herdream69

His scent aroused me from the moment we met. “You have the most perfect body I’ve ever seen, and your mind is just as sexy as your body” he says. We stared in each other’s eyes as I waited for him to kiss me. He strokes my back down to my ass as he nibbles on my neck. I hear his breathing in my ear as goose bumps appear all over me. I feel the moistness between my legs. His lips reach mine as we enter a long, sensuous kiss. He whispers in my ear “Your heart is going to beat with euphoric pleasure tonight”. He moves to the other side and again nibbles on my neck while slowly removing my dress off my shoulders which drops to the floor. He holds me close as we passionately kiss again. He releases my breasts as he removes my bra. I unbutton his shirt and remove it. I unzip his pants and let them drop to the floor. I eye his manhood tucked in his underwear. “Your soft, and delicate skin feels so good against mine” he says. His mouth kissing me all over sending my heartbeat into overdrive. “I can’t wait to kiss every part of your body” he says as he continues to do just that. We both lay back on the bed as he works his way down and removes my panties. I spread my legs and encourage him to kiss me down there. He is an artist with his tongue as he licks me and inserts his tongue in and out of me. His rhythm continues as I feel a strong orgasm nearing. It’s getting harder to control my body as I release into a wonderful, full body orgasm as he continues licking me. Exhausted and wanting more I grabbed his head and invited him to continue. Just as I was about to orgasm again, I stopped him and had him lie back on the bed and exposed his hard erection. I eagerly wanted him inside me and climbed on top and positioned him to enter me. It didn’t take long before he warned me, he was about to cum. Another orgasm was about to hit me as well. I wanted to ride him till he filled me with his warm, cream. He grabbed me tight as I felt his hard dick pulsate as he began pumping shots of warm cum in me. I awake to realize it’s all just a wet dream!