Erotic Antiques

A Sexual Fantasy

— By [email protected]

Feeling low so I took myself antique shopping at a place a I frequent. This cute Asian man was sort of following me. I take myself their when I’m feeling down. We started up a conversation about some pieces we both had our eyes on. But I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Down in the basement when we tan into each other again. In a corner away from cameras and other shoppers. We began sharing stories and got to of our failed marriages. His was heartbreaking, mine was too. We shared an awkward silence. Our eyes were locked. Ge was a perfect stranger but had the kindest eyes. I wanted to kiss him. He kissed me first. It was incredible. Passionate and intense. His hands were warm and inviting. We stopped before getting caught. We decided to get into his car and drive somewhere private. He made love for what seemed like forever. I didn’t want to stop. I never wanted it to end. Feeling his warm hands all over me and his beautiful and kind eyes looking at me. The feeling of being wanted and desired after a loveless marriage ended was so erotic.