Ceremony of Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mihai

The world I want to live in is made of people that know the depths of their hearts and can freely choose to open their hearts to their close friends. In this world, there are no made-up labels that describe relationship types or sexual orientation.

The scene I fantasize about brings together two women and two men that are very close to one another, living together in a beach house in the Atlantic Forest area, with lush vegetation surrounding a deck wood terrace that holds a large bamboo bed with a beige cotton baldachin and a submerged fire pit with comfy seats placed in a circle. The 4 friends live in peace and harmony with mother nature taking good natural care of their minds, spirit, and bodies.

The 4 friends have many rituals they use to nurture their emotional and spiritual needs. One of these rituals is a full-moon love feast. In this ritual, each of these friends takes turns laying in the center of the bed, surrendering to receive love from the rest of the group. Pillars of beeswax candles and amethyst geodes create a dance of shadows and light among the tanned surfer bodies. The three friends at the giving end bring all their consciousness and heart into this comfy bed of love and nurture the receiving friend with tender touches and pure love intentions, pouring spiritual honey on her on him. They start by placing one hand on their hearts and the other hand on the receiving party's heart, one hand on top of another on his or her chest. From then on the hands start to move on the central body, caressing tenderly each part. Everything happens very slowly and coconut oil lubricates this love dance melting their spirits into one pure consciousness of love.

Nothing is dirty or obscene, in this parasympathetic lovemaking. The four friends are engulfed in a cocoon of safety and trust taking turns one by one in being at the receiving end, surfing the wave of celestial orgasms that connects them all to Source.