Caribbean for a Couple

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LusoBrit

My wife and I, freshly married, went to Antigua and Barbuda to have some time off from the noise and stress of London. What a lovely time would that be! Arriving there, we went straight to our resort to have cocktails, sun, sand... and sex! The resort private beach had beautiful couples and I started to notice that my wife was staring at some of them... I always got excited by the idea of imagining my wife with another man. The whole scenario triggered me to go back to my fantasy and challenge my wife. At the beginning, my wife said a prompt no, which turned to a maybe few days after. We met this gorgeous man on the beach, a local that was allowed to sell activities within the resort. Us three we had a nice chat and I noticed my wife was really into him. I asked him if he wanted to join us for dinner (my wife went speechless...) and he accepted. When we went back to the bedroom, my wife asked me why I invited him along... She wasn't expecting me to say that I wasn't going! :-) she was a little bit confused but then I said: "I know you liked him, so I think this is an opportunity for you to enjoy... and I will watch and join you if you want to!" I got my wife speechless again... But I could tell how wet she was. Eventually she decided to go for dinner but the rest would just be pending on her vibe on the moment. Their dinner went really well and straight after that they danced in the resort bar. Things got really hot and my wife invited him to our bedroom... The rest was just the best night of our lives :)