Cardio Lovers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Evexxx

I love cardio. I love to run, dance, fuck, suck dick, and eat pussy. I also love the step machine, nothing can wear me out as it can. The stair machine at my university faces the basketball court. I climb the stairs in my tiny tank, bent over with my tits out, watching the ball fly back and forth on the court. Then one day I saw him. Climbing the infinite stairs I saw him flying across the court. Long black hair to his shoulders sticky with sweat. For the next forty minutes, I fucked him hard and unrestrained with my eyes. He regularly noticed and would smile at me from time to time to make sure I was still watching. As I flew up the step machine I saw us alone looking at each other from across the gym until finally I moved onto the court and pushed up against him, feeling his dick get hard I moved down to my knees and look up at him, with a nod of consent from him I pull down his pants. To my delight is a massive erect dick. I first rub it with my hand then spit on it and watch him go crazy. I am then riding him in the middle of the basketball court while he pulls my sweaty wet hair. We fuck slow then fast slow then fast with only our sneakers and socks on. I zone back into reality as the game ends and he walks past me and winks. I can feel my underwear damp with cum.