Bound to Bed

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fletch

It's a game. She's at the bar looking her finest. I enter the bar, buy her drinks, flirt with her, have conversations like we just met. We didn't. We've been married for 25 years, but tonight, we start anew.

The excitement fulfills as we share passionate kisses in the elevator. As we force our way into her / our room, she undresses me. The release of every button substituted with a kiss. All the way down my chest, belt and the unzipping of my pants.

She lays me on the bed, uses my tie to bound me to the bed, and then sneaks away into the bathroom. There she returns with her toys, an 8-inch dildo, that she replaces me with while I watch. The excitement drives me crazy as I lay naked on the bed, writhing, wanting to be right there where that silicone phallus is.

She finishes, and then walks over to me, keeps me bound and then takes me in her mouth. While she takes me, she continues to ride the toy, until she climaxes again, and I finish by putting my sweetness on her chest.