After world begone

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jjk

It is a different world. We all learned to respect each other, and therefore we do not do things that hurt others for petty reasons, nor fear that others will hurt us. Sex and sexuality are no more taboo or stigmatised, but instead something common good. And in public spaces, there are places where people who want to have sexual pleasure can gather – meet strangers or familiar ones. You are in a train, travelling long distances, days of travelling. One of the wagons is for sex. The wagon itself has some seats, a table, or a few, but everything in here has a soft cover – this is a moving train, after all, and no one wants passengers to hurt themselves accidentally. There are also things that look a bit like ashtrays from world-begone, but these are not for smoking or for ash, these are full of free condoms for passengers. When you look at passengers in the wagon, you first see an older woman with two younger men having fun with each other. It seems that she is teaching some new tricks to the younger ones. Maybe they met in a restaurant wagon? Then there are two other people, focused only on each other. They clearly know each other well - maybe lovers? Maybe friends? But they seem to have a very happy time with each other. At the moment, there are no other people, and you do not want to distract those who seem having so much fun with each other, so you sit down and wait. Soon one arrives on the wagon. They notice the same things as you did, and then you. That person looks interesting to you – something in their appearance attracts on you. Maybe it is hair (or lack of them?), or clothes? Or makeup (or lack of them)? Colour or style… Maybe it is the shape of the body, or just the way how they are and move? Something in attitude? No matter what it is, they are coming to you. You two greet each others and start chit-chatting. Spending some time talking, first about this and that, then deeper and more interesting topics, soon you start kissing, hugging and touching each other. Then you are getting less and less clothes. While you having fun people comes and goes to the wagon. For some reason, they didn’t put the wagon at the end of the train, so sometimes people just walk through the wagon, maybe on their way to the restaurant wagon? Or maybe just for curiosity – to see what is in this wagon? Pleasureful time passes. Maybe some person(s) joined you two during that time, or maybe it was just you two for each other, forgetting the world around you completely? But after it is time to add once more some cloths on, and move to other wagons, you two decide to continue your travel together. Talk more. Eat together. And so on... You two found new companions in each other. Maybe friends? Maybe lovers? Whatever it is, it is your decision together… -- I do not know about you, but I dream about a world where sex and sexuality is no more tool for power and subjugation to others. No piece of petty games. A world where we all respect and care for each other.