Abstinence Is SO Arousing!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Because of work reasons my husband and I are living apart from each other 5 days a week. Only our weekends are spend together. Although we miss each other dearly during the week, we hardly contact each other. Only when something serious happens.

Why? Because we want to build up erotic tension... arousal... We think of each other constantly, imagining what the other would do if we were together at that moment... Would he want to lick me? Would I want to suck him? And what would come next? All these thoughts... all week long... every night... So you can imagine that the pressure is rising sky-high when it is finally Friday! A whole week of built- up sexual tension and arousal. A whole week in which our sexual fantasies get hornier and hornier! Starting to fantasize about things we would normally never think of, such as spanking and even anal play.

So when he finally gets home on Friday night, we don't lose time on chit-chat about how our week was. We kiss madly, and start ripping each others clothes off while getting to our bedroom. We do not go out on weekends... we hardly meet friends... We just fuck like depraved mad men! And every weekend we get a bit more adventurous, a bit kinkier, starting fulfilling our most depraved sexual fantasies that we think of during that long, lonely week. We would not want to change anything in our current situation, No!

Abstinence can be SO arousing!