A Valentine's Day Surprise

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aloysius

I’m a man in a heterosexual marriage; my wife and I certainly enjoy getting a little kinky in the bedroom.

But this Valentine’s Day, we'll explore a new kink. I’m going to surprise her. Underneath my typical jeans I'll be wearing during the day will be hidden some thigh-high lace stockings kept up with a garter belt. Instead of traditional boxer briefs, there will be lace, crotchless panties. And a soft lace camisole under my date-night button-down shirt.

We'll pack in a bowl after a nice dinner and smoke some weed. Just a little bit to enhance the sensations.

I'll pique her curiosity first as we watch some genderqueer porn rather than the other categories she would expect from hetero husband. I know her own hidden fantasies. She'll be surprised at first, but she'll like it. She'll get a little wet. And I'll get a little hard.

As we enter the bedroom, the lights turn off. I'll get undressed and press her legs against her body in the darkness. What is this new texture of lace hosiery she'll wonder? Am I her husband or somebody new? I'll put her hands on my chest to feel a lace top. What does she think? When I turn the lights back on, my wife will not see her husband but instead his effeminate alter ego, dressed in the most unexpected attire. She'll explore my new body, and so will I. Turned on by our new adventure, I'll be grateful for buying crotchless panties, otherwise my massive cock would feel too surpressed.

For good measure, there will be a large, vibrating, strapless strap-on under the bedsheets. I've always come inside her, but for the first time ever, she’ll be coming while inside me. I haven’t spent the last few weeks preparing via anal stretching in private for nothing, after all.

Right now it's all still a fantasy waiting to be brought to reality this Valentine's Day. She will be surprised, but will she be aroused? Disturbed? Confused? I’ll have to wait and see.