A Special Dance Lesson

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Phillipe

This fantasy is one that Lizette, my wife and I talked about, and there is some reality involved. It happens in Santa Barbara, California where we are on vacation, and as we walk around town we find a dance studio. The windows are open and we watch a group class. The doors are open so we walk in.

Sasha, the instructor sees, us and smiles and tells us we can join in. She is teaching the Bachata, a dance we are learning. We both enjoy it as it is danced to a slower beat, uses pronounced hip movements, and to do it right, you must be very sensual in all motions. When the class ends the instructor greets us and let’s us know that we are doing a good job, but we need to work on hip movements. As the class leaves the instructor tells us to stay behind and she will give us a lesson.

When the students leave, the instructor locks the doors and closes the window blinds. She begins to demonstrate how to move our hips, and we try. She suggests that we could see our hip movements better if we take off our clothes and dance in front of the mirrors. Which we do. She then removes her clothes and joins us. She is very hands on and uses her hands to help move our hips to the beat of the music.

We get the rhythm and the instructor suggests that we try dancing. The dance moves of the Bachata can be very sensual, with lots of close body touching, and especially moves where the follower’s ass grind against the leader’s crotch. I dance with Lizette and Sasha, and Lizette dances with me and Sasha.

Needless to say, we are all aroused and wanted to make love. But Sasha is a stern teacher, and we continue the lesson. She tells us that there is one exercise that will help us. Sasha demonstrates and tells me to knell in front of her. As soon as her pussy is against my face I know what I need to do. She is wet and tasty. I can’t see what her hips are doing, but I feel them as she is grinding against my face. After a loud orgasm, Sasha says it is Lizette’s turn. And I am soon enjoying the taste of her pussy, as she soon has an equally loud orgasm.

Sasha then tells us to come back tomorrow for our next lesson.