A Sexy Stranger in the Covid Test Queue

A Sexual Fantasy

— By thirstyaf

Being single throughout Covid has had it’s ups and downs as I’m sure many people can relate. Some days I relish my singleness and some days I crave companionship, affection, and physical touch. Over the past 14+ months I’ve probably gotten about a dozen Covid tests - mostly in advance of family visits - and the experience of waiting in that outdoor queue is seared into my memory: the orange cones marking where to stand, the tents set up at the local fire department, the nurses dressed head to toe in gowns, masks, and face shields, and the long line of silent masked strangers waiting for their turn to get their test.

Every time I wait in my neighborhood Covid test line I can’t help but think: What if the person ahead of me in line has sexy eyes peeking above their mask? What if they turn around and catch my gaze? What if we run into each other when we exit the testing tent because I drop my water bottle or umbrella and they pick it up for me? What if we start chatting and the chemistry is undeniable? What if we exchange phone numbers and start texting? What if we agree to meet again in 48-38 hours after our results come back negative? What if that meeting is a socially distanced walk in a neighborhood park and while we talk and stroll we feel like we are being pulled together like magnets? What if a simple touch of their hand on mine leads me to their apartment? What if we remove our masks together and stare at each other’s faces for the first time? What if a kiss turns into foreplay? What if foreplay turns into the best sex I’ve had since 2019? What if the touch of a sexy stranger in the Covid test line is exactly what I need?