A Lethal Femme Fatale

A Sexual Fantasy

— By missd

Erika, I’m a fan of CINEMA NOIR and a sucker for artsy erotica, I can’t resist to ask for a film with a Femme Fatale and a Detective. Maybe it’s a cliché but it’s my deepest kink. Please make a film for me.

“femme fatale as a dame with a past, a spider woman, and the detective as a hero with no future, caught in her web of intrigues. The only way out for the detective is to suppress the sexual desire for the woman and hold strong to his professional code. The femme fatale’s desire for more and for better is deadly and dangerous for those who succumb to her lure, but the detective’s desire for truth can be fatal for the dark lady too.”

Text by Veronika Pituková, more here