I think I'm madly in love with my best friend

What to do when you find yourself madly in love with your best friend?
Erika Lust turned one of the world's oldest stories into a whimsical, sexual fantasy with an irresistible art-house vibe. 

Nina and Cara are as different as chalk and cheese. While Nina is rather reserved, Cara is the kind of person that naturally draws attention to herself wherever she goes. Despite their many differences, Nina finds herself fantasising about her friend. What she'd always thought was something in between admiration and envy turns out to be a love-driven obsession she can hardly contain. One night, Cara takes Nina to a burlesque-style bar. When Nina watches her friend flirt and play with her charms, she can't control her tormented mind any longer. For one surreal evening, dreams and reality collide into a beautiful mess made of love, sex and desire.

Cast & Crew

Director: Erika Lust

Photographer: Adriana Eskenazi

Performers: Miguel ZayasCara VegaRomy Furie

Erika Lust Erika Lust