I think I'm madly in love with my best friend

"I think I'm madly in love with my best friend, but of course, she doesn't know. I'm not sure if she even likes women... She is the coolest person I've ever met, so sexy, so modern, so confident. Everything I lack, she has.

Sometimes I'm not really sure if I'm madly in love with her, or if I just want to be her.

Yesterday I had a strange dream about her. I was watching her having sex with a singer in this weird and sensual club. I was hiding between doors and curtains and people, balancing my desire to watch with the guilt and shame and fear of getting caught watching them. I felt dizzy, and when I came back from my dizziness I had become her, and she was the one watching me."

— By ShyNina
Erika's comment

This goes out to all those who are in love with their best friend and know how painful it can be to be so close, yet so far away all the time. Sometimes you think you just can't hold in in any longer, but you stay quiet and hold it back because you know that saying it out loud will change everything between you forever.
Well, now imagine you could have one night without worrying about tomorrow, one night of blurring the lines between love and friendship, reality and imagination without any further consequences. Would you go for it?

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    This was so good!!! It perfectly encapsulates the heart of femme4femme desire: do I want to fuck you/love you or be you...and it’s usually both!!! Excellent work!
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    Excellent! As a bi female who enjoys voyeurism and exhibitisim - this film hit many highlights for me ;)
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    This film is fantastic. It must have been really difficult to imagine that club but I think you did an excellent job. I’d also really like to know what the music is (the techno). Thanks peace love respect, al
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    This is such a fantasy for me. I can never tell if the women I am attracted to, usually who I admire greatly, are interested in women! This played out perfectly - they seem so incredibly sensual but also so hungry for each other!
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    Firstly, this film is why I'm here and subbed to XConfessions! After seeing Romy Furie's tweets.
    Secondly, this is incredible and beautifully shot - I'm not just in love with my best friend, I'm in love with the cinematography!
    Finally, thanks to all involved with this film, you did an amazing job! :3 <3
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    Beautiful film. Was so good to watch!
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    Beautiful! Loved it!
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    Cara has a gorgeous body
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    It's incredibly hot for me . And it's a like a anonimus confession of sexual fantasy make it film. I like all the actress and actors... Everything is natural. Such a cock in a club , for the people around sounds like usual thing but is not normally. Ir for me , I've never seen before.
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