Girls Fight Club

What's the first rule of girls fight club? Only women allowed. An homage to David Fincher’s classic dystopian film, this time with lesbians.



By ToughLover

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Silvia Rubi, Viktoria Vaar

Dear Erika,

I re-wrote the rules of Fight Club. As much as I loved the film, I was pretty angry that it was only men who were in the club. I always wanted to get in a fight, to get punched in the face. I hate that women are always seen as weak and fragile. And how in porn they always make those high pitched whining noises. You know what I like in another woman? Foul language and a taste for violence. I like sweat, dirt, oil and grease and getting fucked hard in the mud. I want to fuck and fight – at the same time. I want to wake up the next morning with a black eye and sore ribs knowing that there is a place where the monotony of everyday life, of corporate moronity, of crushing capitalist oppression is removed and we all become vicious animals, not weak pathetic women who are defined by the patriarchy or Vogue magazine. We would be buzzing with life, pumped up with adrenaline, fury, and lust.

1st RULE: Only WOMEN are allowed.
2nd RULE: Only WOMEN who fuck WOMEN are allowed.
3rd RULE: If you fight someone, you also have to fuck them.
4th RULE: As many women can fight as they want.
5th RULE: One fight at a time.
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes, no jewellery.
7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight... and fuck.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

This is my homage to the David Fincher classic, thanks to a bad-ass confession from ToughLover! I saw a docu about a female fight club and I just had to make the same thing - but with the sexy twist provided to us by our confessor, obviously ;) thanks for giving me this opportunity, anonymous user!

Your Comments

  • dieyoungstaypretty

    Love the concept! Fuck patriarchy!

  • Beatrix0001

    Hahaha!! This is FANTASTIC. I completely concur. I've always noticed an urge in me to get violent and fight like an animal - an urge that goes without satiation. And it oddly often occurs when I'm feeling charged-up sexually. I always wind up wanting to pin someone down and I crave a feeling of danger laced with camaraderie.

    • Erika Lust

      We've made it into a film so I hope you'll enjoy it! Submitting to our most primal instincts can be very rewarding ;)

  • catilinr

    this sounds very interesting, certainly a guilty pleasure of mine to think about such a thing...waiting with baited breath...!

  • Zweig

    Was waiting for this release impatiently since it was announced. Disappointed, to be honest. The subject of fighting & violence isn't explored at all. 1 minute of fighting followed by 20 minutes of sex. Welp...

    • Erika Lust

      I'm sorry to hear that Zweig. If you want to see people discussing the subject of violence in a slightly different way, my film "Feminist and Submissive" has a 20 minute round-table discussion between myself and 4 other women. Focussing on the sex within this film felt like the right approach - we don't often have lesbian sex and these two performers had such incredible chemistry. We also didn't want the film to be too long! Rather, adrenaline packed and then getting you straight into the sex. I hope you enjoyed some of it!

  • Freetime

    This is fucking incredible. I've never felt more connected with two performers before- they were so gorgeous and sexy. This is perfect- thank you so much for filming such beautiful fantasies.

    • Erika Lust

      Music to my ears Freetime! I loved making this film!

  • Velvet Banks

    Lovely the way the original Fight Club was twisted. While I don't have a particular fantasy about sex and violence (sex pistols? 😀) I like this film because it somehow shows both the anger/violence but also the care/intensity.

    Does anyone know what toy are the girls using?

    • Erika Lust

      It's the Big Boss G5! And you can buy one on my store, in pink too :D So pleased you liked the movie! <3

  • 123Moondog

    Sent in a similar story on 17th of december... Luckily this is even a better story than mine! I will surely enjoy this!

    • Erika Lust

      This was shot in October ;) I hope you do!

  • Newbi

    Brillian shoot, especially the filming of the fighting scene in the beginning. Please focus more on the twisted and interesting stories in all the fantasies here. I totally enjoy the beautiful and explicitly filmed sex scenes but in the end the most important muscle used during (watching) sex sits right between the two ears and it gets amazing stimulation by the background and surroundings of the actual sex. I hope you dare to shoot a feature film one day (maybe as a collaboration?). I have not yet found too many films with a combination of good stories and beautiful sex and chemistry between the actors. Intimacy maybe was a start but the sex scenes there were noting compared to your masterpieces here!

    • Erika Lust

      What a wonderful message to read on a thursday morning! As luck has it, we are working on some top secret things right now but a feature may well be on the cards.... I'm so glad you're enjoying everything. I try to keep a balance between those who are looking for sensual and romantic sex and kinky and more interesting fantasies - I feel it's harder for people to find real intimacy and simple acts and enjoyment of desire than it is to find more fetishistic or unusual fantasies! So I don't want to let those people down either :) Thank you for your message!

    • Newbi

      @Erika: well, i am totally convinced that you can transform the intimacy that makes the vanilla sex on a slazy Sunday afternoon in a long term relationship so enjoyable and special into an equally beautiful movie. The "motherfucker" movie for example is a very nice and cute example for such a film. "I Can’t Stop this Affair" is another great example of pretty "vanilla" sex with great chemistry (if you ignore the age difference story around it).
      It is probably that we can use such more kinky and "non-normal" movies better to escape the sometimes narrow cage that our own fears and shynesses build around us which prohibits us from really exploring all our fantasies in real life which makes the kinky movies so popular. For the same reasons, our "confessions" here (probably tend to focus on the wilder side of things. However, i will immediately submit a "lazy Sunday morning fantasy after years of relationship" confession if you promise to shoot more of these stunning everyday live encounters between "ordinary" relationships ;-). Really looking forward to your top secret things ... !

  • Anynomous

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  • Anynomous

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  • sabinekisses

    That is the most passionate onscreen sex I think I have ever seen. I am blown away. Wow. Well done ladies.

    • Erika Lust

      Thank you!!! :D nothing like a fight to get the blood pumping...

  • drama.happens
    honestly loved this one. One of my favorites on the site!
  • gliatonoche
    liked it until I realized the girl had long would really hurt if the girl had that long of fingernails...the little details make a big difference in the viewers experience.
  • gliatonoche
    I don't think she was feeling any pain I actually feel she enjoyed it...i really liked and got me hot.