A deep friendship between girls slips over into desire.

"Warm, wet water. Her hand on my clit. That flip in your stomach when you get something you never even knew you wanted.

It’s summer, the days are long, and my best friend Kay and I are waiting for something to happen to us. Anything. We live in the countryside surrounded by nothing, so Kay offers to teach me how to ride. I say yes because I always say yes to her. I've always been a little in awe of Kay. She’s cold in a way that makes me work for her affection.

One day, after the lesson, I’m lying in the bath and I tell Kay I hurt from the saddle. So quickly I wonder if I’ve actually imagined it, she reaches under the water and runs her hand along my thigh to brush my clit. That one touch in the secret underwater world changes things between us forever. Alone, I try to stop myself from masturbating about her. But I can’t stop."

— By Wetdreams
Erika's comment

An intimate coming of age story about the eroticism in friendship and the sometimes underlying sexual dynamics that we are not allowed to address between friends. The Riding Lesson is breathtakingly authentic and I love that Kitty and Ellen decided to focus on a strong narrative that builds up sexuality and tension in tiny moments. I hope this movie encourages young women to talk about and explore their desires free of shame and prejudice.

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    Really great confession! I’m really happy I became a member of this great site. One quick question if anyone can help? I can seem to get any content to play via AirPlay on my TV ? Has anyone had this problem?
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    Ellery Stritzinger
    Most beautiful porn I've ever seen-what a pleasure to watch. This makes me feel so grateful and hopeful towards the modern adult film industry. Love love love to everyone involved!
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    this is so sweet!
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    Karyn De Butlair
    This film was very liberating for me. I come from a family where there was elevated interest in horses and I have a sad story of my own which runs along the lines of John Steinbeck's short story "The Red Pony". However hard a lesson that might have been for me though, this film breaks down the barrier that makes riding these formidable animals a privilege only a select few can experience.
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  • L
    Wow - beautiful, real, amazing performers! Real in its delicacy, its little moments - we don't see it all but what we see has it in it.
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    Limbic Limerick
    Is there a way to purchase Joel Amey's film score?
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    Ummm...she’s trotting a horse over a cross pole in a dressage saddle, dressage bridle, & carrying a dressage whip. Not really the right equipment with the right discipline. You’re usually so unexpectedly thorough, I’m a little surprised
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      Leo Laker
      tiny jump doesn't hurt a dressage horse ;) it used to be part of some tests until ca 1980s...
  • K
    This was special. Well done—loved it 💕
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