Calita wakes up to penis ownership and immediately gets down to a day of dick discovery.

What would it be like to have a dick for 24 hours? Live vicariously through Calita, who wakes up to a morning surprise between her legs. She is now the proud owner of a penis. Based on a confession from industry icon, Stoya, If Only I Had a Dick serves as a sexy, socio-political meditation on the power of the dick in the hands of a cis gendered woman. Calita gets right down to spending the day doing everything she’s envisioned with her new apparatus. Journeying through her new dick shaped world becomes as much about the liberation felt in exploring new pleasures and sensations as it is the symbolism of power.

From dick pics to mirror play to masturbation, she explores the embodiment of dick energy. And of course, she’s thrilled to share her new appendage with her best girlfriend where things quickly go from platonic to playfully erotic to full on penetration. 

Cast & Crew

Director: Stoya

Photographer: Monica Figueras

Performers: Calita FireCatherine Knight

Erika Lust Erika Lust