Maria's deepest fantasies come true when she finds herself being hosted by a hot and sweet lesbian couple.

"Barcelona: what a lovely city!! Thanks to a very cheap plane ticket I've found online, I'm going to visit it at last. A guy from my work I'm dating (not a formal boyfriend yet) has given me the address of a couple of lesbian friends he has. Apparently they are very cool and kind and completely into the city's scene etc etc etc. I confess I am a bit overwhelmed because I've never considered myself the hype kind of person. But since I am still an intern I can certainly accept the free lodging.

My friend's friends: I know this might sound naive but the idea of this lesbian couple scares me a little. I can't help but imagining two insatiable, depraved and well-dressed vamps who will rape me or laugh at me, either one thing or the other. If they all knew everything that crosses my mind!

Pornography: I confess I am watching a lot of lesbian porn, just in case. Have you ever watched lesbian porn? I don’t mean the usual crap where two Barbie dolls lick each other’s fake tits and make ‘o-faces’ at the camera. What I mean is the kind where two lesbians fuck with wild abandon and have the most amazing orgasms ever. They lick, suck, and pound using every part of their bodies and all the toys a girl could dream of. I think I could do that... Though I am a lesbian virgin! But am I forever doomed to have hetero sex?

Conclusion: I'm secretly happy about traveling alone. God, I wish I was a lesbian."

— By dazednconfused
Erika's comment

Dear D&C, I hope that your time in Barcelona was much more memorable as a result of meeting these two ladies...! I've allowed myself to imagine your encounter and I've shot the first lesbian threesome in XConfessions. I carried out the most meticulous casting: Maria Agrado, Zoe Geovanna and Pau Pappel will bring to you the real lesbian sex you love to watch! This confession was perfect to put on one of my tote bags, so now you can enjoy wearing your dirty little secret all around town.


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    Hello! While clicking through the confessions this one touched me in a special way. I'm male and once I was fixed on by a similar idea like yours, cause I had read some independent magazines which brought me in contact with a more open minded way of sexuality. I learned about bisexual and threesome stuff with which I never was in contact before. I was so excited and had the idea that I urgently need to touch and taste a hard cock. So one day I took all my courage and asked a very good friend of mine, about whom I know he's gay, to have nice night with me, after we had already talked the whole evening. He was happy and agreed and we went to his home together. After some shy moments we wanted to start and he wanted to kiss me, but I got nervous and my lust was gone. Not really gone but I couldn't imagine kissing a man. Touching and masturbating maybe, but kissing. Kissing is the most intimate and sensual act while making love. From that moment on I knew, that I'm not gay and also not really bisexual. But the idea of feeling an aroused man I can't get rid of. Unfortunately we didn't do it that night. So until today I walk around with that fantasy in my mind, although I searched often to find someone to do it and although I got into some intimate situations during that search.

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    Maybe she hasn't find the right lesbian to arouse her!! Keep trying baby!!

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    Can't can't can't wait to watch this film!!! Looks AMAZING and I just LOVE the cast.

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    I wish I was a lesbian, too (sigh)

  • P


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    Great cast, They look real and young, they could be my friends!!!!

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    So chic, Erika!I liked this one a lot

  • R

    And the coffee I want them in my table for the guests

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      Erika Lust

      Rebecca, the coffee dildos are manufactured by my friends of BS is Nice in Madrid. More info: They'll be happy to help!

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    i wish i could buy or download this movie.we are not allowed to watch pornography in our country.
    i don't know perhaps they are right or i am different.

  • D

    I agree with Martin. I often tought of having sex, only sex, with another man, but I've ever found the courage to do it. my woman too say she has frequent fantasies of having sex with another woman, and I find it very exciting

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    This is an amazing film! I am so happy I discovered this site.

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    Very very attractive film with very beautiful actress !!

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    As a lesbian and a feminist, I'm a little sad to see this trivialising my sexuality so blatantly.
    I was really excited about this website and really enjoyed some of the films but this is disappointing. Lesbian sex is great but I'm sure you'd never someone say "I wish I was a lesbian" when they're getting persecuted on the streets or disowned by their families.
    I really hope to see more girl on girl action in the future without the misconception that sexuality is a conscious choice!

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    Erika Lust

    Hi sofapacamac, I understand your point. I must say that when I read this confession I didn't think about it as a statement about lesbianism being a conscious choice, but rather as a straight woman accepting the fact that she is being seduced by two women for the first time in her life. She describes herself as an unexperienced (almost ignorant) person with an interest to explore her sexuality, and has an ironic way of expressing it - which I personally found rather comic. I hope you'll watch and enjoy other films in XConfessions featuring some genuine GG action, such as the very romantic Spectrophilia or more recently My Roomie's Toy! Anyway, thank you for contributing to a healthy and interesting debate.

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    To the person not able to watch in your country - use a TOR browser!

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    Amazing film. Super Erika ! What did you shoot it with ?

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      noelalejandro A.

      It was shot with ARRI Alexa

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    Food and fucking with 3 beautiful people in a stylish film -- what more can you ask? Oh yes, the music. This one is why I've subscribed.

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    so hot and sexy. I'm wondering why I never fool around with women...
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    what is the name of the beautiful soundtrack?
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    good casting but like super bougy
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