Challenging the stigma against female masturbation. Happy play time, ladies.

"Some time ago, I read this article called 'I went to a Female Masturbation Class' in The Cut about a woman's first experience with guided female masturbation classes. I was so fascinated by the idea, that I started reading and digging about the topic.

For my last birthday, I finally gifted myself with a ticket to an all-day masturbation class in my city and it was hands down one of the most empowering and liberating experiences of my life. Being in a room with other sex-positive women touching ourselves, feeling orgasms rising up inside of us was unlike anything I've ever done before. It was so powerful seeing these women pleasuring themselves, discovering their own bodies and minds in such an open space without shame or reservations, even though none of us knew each other beforehand. This day has changed my life and the way I look at self-pleasure and self-care forever.

I would love to see a movie about masturbation classes that encourages other women to get in touch with themselves ;)"

— By Masturbella
Erika's comment

Female masturbation remains one of the most stigmatized topics to discuss. And honestly, I've had it!
I want to make something very clear, once and for all: WOMEN MASTURBATE.
Yes you've heard right. Women are horny, too and we are just as capable of enjoying our sexuality as men are. Masturbating is a natural and fun way to connect with and get to know your body and to find out what brings you satisfaction. Masturbation is self-care and there is absolutely nothing shameful about it. Period.

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  • S
    Steinar Bråthen
    Dont forget glider og baby oil!
  • M
    <3 Love the idea, and more generally, I love the idea of any kind of film that would that would act like a tutorial for people to get more comfortable with their own sexuality, share ideas etc
  • A
    Wow, looking forward to watching this with my wife, she will feel very empowered by it!
  • Y
    Yvonne Segura
    Can't wait to watch it! And also can't wait to find a masturbation class here in Mexico city
  • C
    Carnal Cravings
    Beautiful! I'm excited to see this film!
  • K
    Dear Erika,
    I follow you and your movies since before you were very well known. You have done amazing films and XConfessions is a powerful and wonderful project. This film right here is my dream come true. Thank you so much for turning this confession into one of your masterpieces. It is - for me at least - the best movie you have made so far. It is so strong, so empowering, so beautiful, so simple - just perfect. I love the body paint, they all look like wonder women. We get to see female pleasure in its purest form so rarely and this is just it. Thank you some much for this! Much love from Germany.
    • K
      I agree, best work yet! So beautiful, I would have loved to be a part of this!
  • L
    Very nice, what kind of vibrators are they using?
  • J
    Jean-Romain Clark
    How come it just doesn’t play?
  • F
    Wow. Absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad I found your porn. I've never been able to masturbate to female porn before because I always find it so fake. This is absolutely stunning. Thankyou thankyou!!!
  • T
    This is gorgeous. Thank you for making this
  • T
    This is gorgeous. Thank you for making this
  • M
    Incredibly sexy
  • V
    This was so, so beautiful! I think it's one of the most empowering and beautiful pieces I've seen on here so far. Different women sharing their pleasure, giving each other pleasure and holding each other. I really like how this film took it's time, with the insightful interviews and their thoughts on masturbation. I had to laugh quite a few times, especially at "procrastination masturbation". Haha, yes that's something I certainly am familiar with myself.
    And their emotions were so real and authentic. Laughing out loud while pleasuring each other - I had to laugh with them.
    Thank you for this great piece!
  • M
    Magnifico film, excelente idea muy bien filmada, la primer parte en la cual las performers narran sus inicios en la paja(así le llamamos en Argentina),su descubrimiento de la sensibilidad de sus partes intimas,etc.,es una obra maestra, como así también la masturbación colectiva en circulo. La parte de la celebración grupal de los cuerpos es demasiado extensa, y alguna de las chicas fingen, y sobreactúan el placer, muy bueno el cierre de las actrices dándose la manos sororamente. Sería lo mejor que vi de Erika si hubiera acortado al menos 5 minutos la escena de la orgia.-
    Con todo respeto, y admiración.-
    Miguel Angel
  • W
    Wow such a welldone production. I started late in the evening and was delighted to see such a long film. Everyone was so beautiful. Love the body paint.

    I grew up in a world that still held the view that masturbation was unnatural and taboo. I self liberated. This was just so much fun. And it continues to evolve.

    Early in this new century my girlfriend used the expression "Self pleasuring".
    For a dude this was an awkward usage. However i stayed with it. And soon it was natural without the baggage of Victorian onanism and British legalism.

    I freely use self pleasure when talking with my male friends. And delightfully watch their tentative curiosity.Hmmmm... A new way to think about a universal activity?
    Self pleasuring is such a more gentle expression of human intimacy.
    That is the feeling the exudes from Female Pleasure Circle.

    Now would such a film featuring males be possible??? We have so much negative history.
  • G
    YES! More of this please!
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