Women Make Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ewawine

I am a heterosexual married woman in my early 60s, but over the years I have had the pleasure of being with three different women. The first time was in my teens with the daughter of one of my mother's friends. The second was my best friend in college. She was an amazing woman that unfortunately passed away from cancer way too young. The last woman I was with was in my 40s and she was my neighbor. We would drink wine in my hot tub naked together and one night it just happened. We started kissing and touching each other. The problem is my ex-husband was also present and he ended up having sex with her leaving me as the third wheel. Now many years later I think about being with another woman again. I love the touch and feel of a woman. The soft skin and delicate touch. It feels like women make love they don't just have sex. It feels like all foreplay where everyone is satisfied. My husband now is a wonderful lover and tells me that I should find a new girlfriend but I have the feeling that he is just saying that because he, like my ex, just wants to have sex with another woman. I have come close a few times but have always gotten cold feet. So my fantasy is to make love with another woman. A secret woman. Someone like me that is mature and after kids and living life. Maybe a little on the curvier side. Just a regular wife and mom, maybe grandmother like me. We have our husbands but we have something else also. We love wine, food, life and pleasure.