What is Passion?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mydesires

The shrill sound of last nights guitars still ring in my head as I wake up hung over, strung out. I lick my lips and still taste your pussy. Memories flood back into my head: beer pong, laughter, a crowded room swaying to the sound of suppressed guitars. A quick dance, a slow stare. We walked the streets under the company of others- a perfect disguise. The kiss was direct, shameless under the street lamp. Your look inviting and your body persuading. Two creatures of the night playing with desire on a leather couch. Your demanding kisses echoed in the circular movement of your body as my fingers explored you. Our hands found each other as we amplified one another's arousal: teasing our clothed sex over the fabric of reason. I took you away, led you into the unknown, kissed you harder this time.

What is passion? I believe it's spontaneous loss of control, time and reality.

By Tim C