A Sexual Fantasy

— By eroticsurfing

Recently, I learned to surf. My first day out on the water, I learned that surfers freely pee in their wetsuit. When I let go, the erotic warmth was extraordinary. I felt the wet ocean shift in character from cold pacific water, to a warm illicit bath. The unspoken thrill of it was wild. Now, every time I go out surfing, I really only seem to settle into the waves once I've wet the wetsuit. Recently, I went on a date with a stranger after surfing. On the date, I found myself beside myself with an erotic fantasy: She and I are surfing together. The Southern Californian ocean is a luminous blue, as if the ocean was providing its own source of light. The pink-orange hues swell the sky into an extraordinary rendering of light and color and ease. The saturated rays of the setting sun set us completely into the splendor. We are out past the break. Our faces are rendered in the pure tones of the light as the orange sun flirts with the horizon. I hop off my board and swim up to her board. She hops off as well and we hold on to her floating board. Right as the sun enters the water, she and I make eye contact and kiss as we both begin to feel the warmth of simultaneously peeing in our wetsuits. As we pee, I taste her salty lips and warm tongue as the wet ocean, the warmth of her mouth and her own wetness all become one.