A Sexual Fantasy

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One time I was on an organized camping trip with about a dozen people, some I knew, some I didn't. It was way out in the bush and there were no facilities but there was a swimming hole with a beautiful little waterfall so we went there for showers. We were a little bit shy about showering in the waterfall and a lot of people kept their underwear on. I was wearing jeans and no undies so I went in naked. A woman I'll call Abbey, who I was attracted to, went in topless. There was some tension but it felt more like social anxiety than sexual tension really.

After we got clean, we climbed up towards the camp and Abbey and I stopped at another waterfall on the way. We got totally naked and swam in there by ourselves, then put some clothes on and walked off into the bush a little way, where Abbey lay on her back on a big fallen log and I sat by her head and we talked. The real story ends here because I was too shy to suggest anything further, but in my fantasies I gently moved a lock of hair off her face and we looked at each other and touched each other's faces. We moved closer together, kissed, explored and stroked each other's bodies, and eventually made love right there on the log.

Whether you use this story or not, I'd really like to see a film that explores the transition from non-sexual nudity to a gradually more sexual mood and finally a relationship where people are really comfortable to be totally sexually expressive with one another.