I want to hear the screams

A Sexual Fantasy


My wife loves to be fucked, laying deep in the bed surrounded by pillows with me on top. When I'm inside her, she reaches down and rubs her clit. With each thrust as she get closer and closer to orgasm, her moans and pleas to be fucked more grown until she is literally screaming, yelling and writhing under me.

She also has a girlfriend who she sees frequently. She told me that they had bought a strap-on, but that it was cheap and they ended up rarely using it. Knowing just how much she loves to be fucked, I gave her a gift card and suggested that she buy a dildo that they would actually use. She told me that they finally bought one. Now I imagine her laying deep in bed among the pillows, and finally being fucked from above by her girlfriend and screaming and writhing in delight. She says that she's just so happy being fucked by both me and her girlfriend.