The Waiting Game

A Sexual Fantasy

— By no13baby

I'm picking up my long distance girlfriend from the airport. I am in love with her like no one could ever believe, and she is by far the hottest person on this planet. Every second I don't spend with her I die a little inside, and every second I am with her I am more alive than ever.

So the idea of keeping my hands and mouth off of her as soon as she's near me is nearly unfathomable, but this is the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other, and I know pushing our limits will be fun. I told her the night before: "I don't know if I should kiss you when I see you, or if I should make you wait." "Please don't make me wait," she said. She probably shouldn't have said that. "I think I'm gonna make you wait."

I'm leaning against my car, hands in pockets like some bad boy, at the terminal waiting zone curb when I see her strolling towards me from the baggage carousel, jaunty cap on her ginger head, her statuesque figure swaying alongside her suitcase. I approach her as she opens her arms and when she tries to go in for the kiss she so desires I put my finger to her lips. "Nope. I'm making you wait." Her pupils dilate as she whines in not-so-fake anguish.

I put her luggage in the trunk in exchange for a basic bouquet of flowers because I may be an asshole, but I'm still romantic. We get into the car and buckle up, and as per routine she puts her hand in mine. We're out of the airport and onto the freeway and it'll be about an hour until we're home. When we're off the freeway and at a stoplight, almost home, she's resigned herself to her current fate, so I grab her face and kiss her hard. No longer than two seconds when the light turns green and my eyes are back on the road. "God damn it," she mutters, as I smirk the smuggest smirk.

When we get there she is so mad at me at this point that as soon as I take the keys out of the ignition she is out of the car and opening my door and forcibly removing me from my seat. She carries me straight to the bedroom, throws me onto the bed and puts her mouth on mine. Worth it.