Unexpectedly Hot Sweden

A Sexual Fantasy

— By FemmeFatal

It was my second night out in Sweden when I was visiting a friend. The nightclubs had closed already and she was looking for a house party to go to next. Some boys guaranteed they were throwing one so we followed them. There was a large living room with some sofas and a flat screen playing unfamiliar music. I'm the only foreigner there so I don't pay much attention to the talk either, one of the boys is hitting on my friend, as always, so I feel somewhat alienated, little did I know what was to follow.

He gently took my hand and led me up to a bedroom, then kissed me hard. If I ever felt shock I really can't say, but I do know I was freaking wet already. He told me so. Repeatedly. By now, we are both naked and my mind was trying to catch up, but I'm lost in his embrace, his words, his cock inside of me. Suddenly he gets up and leaves for a moment, only to return with his hands full with a Vibrator, Dildo, and Lube.

For a split second I must of blinked in bewilderment, but quickly burst into excitement and followed his directions. I dare to say I've never felt that horny. After several different positions, we were at it doggy style when he asks "Is this good?" and it is, oh my. "Your butt is so tight" he says. And I'm like "What? My butt?", "Yes. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you in the butt". My brain had to struggle for a moment, till I realized what was happening. Anal. I was doing anal for the first time! Then he slid the vibrator deep into my me, making sure I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Afterwards, when we were laying in bed, catching our breaths, he asked me whether I had a boyfriend, which I didn't at the time, and declared I would be a hell of a great girlfriend and anyone would be lucky to have me. I smiled, and blushed shyly.