Two Italian Boys

A Sexual Fantasy

— By InternationalLove

A little tipsy, we came out of the bathroom of the terrible bar we'd stumbled upon. Suddenly my hand was taken and my body drawn in between the legs of a sexy man sitting at the bar. Looking to my left, another man had his arm around my friend's waist. Federico, 29. Jasmine, 18.

Turning back, I smiled and so did he. He looked like someone who knew exactly what he wanted, and he whispered his name against my neck. Marco, 22. Me, 26.

My hands stroking his thighs as we laughed, his hands travelling down my back.

He pointed and said "Look, they're making out. Should we do the same?!"

His lips were on mine, his tongue played gently for a little while until I slid my hands up to his hard cock and he forced his tongue inside my wet mouth as hard as he could.

In the harsh neon light of the city street, we shared a cigarette and slowly realised there was nowhere to go. Desperate with longing and the need for a good hard fuck, we decided the basement of their hostel would do. The basement light was harsher than the street. Three couches sat very close to each other, and although it was 3am, a woman ran on one of three treadmills.

One couch contained a sleeping frenchman, so we took the other two. It had been so long for me. Jamine and Fredrico left for the disabled toilets, but Marco couldn't wait for them to finish. So choosing between friends or strangers, he decided we should continue in the same bathroom. Knocking on the door, Fredrico's pants were around his ankles with Jasmine kneeling on the floor. We took the opposite corner and Marco threw me over the sink.

He played with me while I screamed until I came, and then forcing himself in me, he was almost to big for my tight pussy. He fucked me real good until I pushed him out and squirted all over the floor and my suede heels, suddenly remembering there were four in the room. Time stood still for a moment but he was so good I didn't care about the audience. I needed a rest and sat on the lid of the toilet and exposed my breasts to let him cum all over me while his friend came in my friends mouth.