Touch me on the dancefloor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Phedre

Not considering myself such, I often go dancing with my gay friends, dressed to kill, hair swept up, etc.
I am in the middle of a crowded dance floor when a girl with long red hair begins to dance beside me. I never really noticed women, but I find myself looking at her... and she is looking back.
She smiles a striking smile and reaches out to put a hand on either side of my breasts. She pushes them together lightly and leans towards me, "these look amazing, you look amazing".
Caught off guard by her, all I say is "thank you".
She continues to dance around me.
Her hand is on my waist, she runs it over the curve of my hip, time after time. I like the soft feel of her feminine touch. Dancing behind me, she runs her hand up the back of my thigh, a little under my skirt, making my breath heavy.
She then comes in front of me and let her hand run over my ass, slightly cupping the underside curve.
She looks me in the eyes waiting for me to say something. I say nothing.
Dancing inches from me, she takes my hand and places it on her shoulder and guides it down and over her perky breast. I can feel her nipple under my finger tips. Some unexpected desire flushes through me.
I don't know what to think, I never wanted a woman before. She sees the flush in my skin, and the dilation of my eyes, so she smiles and whispers in my ear,"I love this dress" and runs her fingers along the edge of the skirt, while she pretends to still be dancing. "It fits your body so well and the skirt is short", she says while slipping her hand between my legs and running her fingers across my now damo panties and over my pussy. At this moment I have overwhelming ideas of finding a dark corner where I can feel every inch of her.
Sadly, my friends tell me we have to leave. So I have to say goodbye.
I will never forget that sexy, bold girl. Next time I won't be so shocked by my new desires... Instead I'll just act them out.