Time-Travelling S3X

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Junkman

I’m working on a contraption to travel across time and space. I want to see the sun set on Jupiter, marvel at the Andromeda galaxy from a mere 50,000 light years away, and make microwave popcorn on my spaceship so I can sit back and watch the Big Bang.

But there is one bang that is the true inspiration for my scientific experiments.

I know the address by heart. I have a general sense of the date but the electromagnetic disruptions are easy to detect—it’s a night we bent the space-time continuum. We talked about having a visitor in the bedroom and laughed our way through the potential invite list. She was tempted but told me I was the only one she ever wanted.

How about two of me?

I catch them in the act. I want to surprise them but my tinfoil suit gives me away. She screams and seems terrified. My old self knows why I’m here. We comfort her with two pairs of consoling hands. Our lips make her heart beat faster and the familiarity in our lips draws out her lustful tongue.

Her whispers are our command but when they turn to moans we improvise and do naughty things. She gets a double dose of her favorite cock. It’s sex from the cosmos.

She comes twice—it’s only fair—with a little help from a vibrator of the future. She falls asleep in our arms.