Three Girls, One Toilet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Clit.A.dit

It all started when my mate and I played that game called ‘Would you rather’. I thought this would be a funny and silly game until they brought in front of my eyes this unrevealed fantasy that I was so ashamed to think of.
 Would I rather bump into the two women I desired having sex in the office’s toilet? Or would I rather choose one of them to have a quickie in our office toilets?
 The reality was that I did not want to choose between those options, as my mind was already going into the not proposed solution of a threesome with Lea and Lilly (imaginary names).
 Both looking really masculine in their work outfits, black trousers, white shirts, dark short hair. I’ll have to confess that women wearing shirts and trousers turns me on. They were both having that attitude that says "I’ll fuck you right here right now if you don’t stop giving me that look." I imagine that I’ll be the threesome queen, with both of them taking care of me. Lea would kiss my neck while holding me tight, keeping my arms behind my back so that I cannot move. On the other hand Lilly would take my clothes off and start kissing my lips, then my tits, and lick my pussy. Lea would wear a strap-on under her trousers, and all this activity would happen in a small toilet cabinet in our office where I could not scream out of pleasure. Lea would fuck me from behind with her strap-on while Lilly would be making me lick her pussy.