Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bornfree1902

I have the worst teacher crush. My professor is a gorgeous, thin, very queer looking, Hungarian woman and she teaches a class on the history of psychoanalysis. (I am also a woman, so the fact that she's obviously not straight just makes the crush worse). Every time I'm in class I'm torn between being incredibly impressed by her and incredibly intimidated by her. She's crazy smart, articulate, and wow, is she sexy. As if that wasn't enough, the subject matter of the class means that we end up spending a lot of time talking about sex. Last week when we were discussing Freud's ideas about homosexuality and kink, I couldn't look her in the face while I was talking.

Lately I've been looking for teacher/student porn to work out my frustrations alone, but it seems like all I can find are videos about students fucking for a grade. That's not how my fantasy with my professor would go at all! In my imagination, I go to her office hours to talk about a paper on Freud's theories. We would discuss the way he talked about lesbians, and then we end up talking about our personal experiences as queer women, and somehow the conversation gets inappropriate. We get excited about the theories; she's impressed by my thoughts. Maybe she slips up and admits that she thinks I'm pretty. I admit that I've had a crush on her since the first day of class. We stumble over "we shouldn't" and "this is so inappropriate" but we can't resist...

And then we make sweet, sweet love in her office.