There Is No Greater Pleasure Than To Give Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Love_Is_Poetry

I have a thing for quotes and I was very inspired by a quote from the movie "Y tu Mama tambien" in which one of the main characters says something nice. Since I only saw the German Dubbed version I have to rely on a rough translation: "There is no greater pleasure than to give pleasure". This quote inspired me to write a few poems in which a rather experienced lesbian seduces a shy woman who has little to no experience of a sexual nature and is unsure of the thought of having a sexual encounter with another woman. The open lesbian woman of the story softly eases her into the experience and spends the night showing her new friend the ropes, being the only one who actively contributes to the sex. The inexperienced woman shows her appreciation through her moans and trembling body. In this fantasy, after the woman receiving has climaxed, the woman giving seems to be even more satisfied despite not having an orgasm herself. After all, there is no greater pleasure than to give pleasure. Aside from this being only a fantasy, I wish for every person to at some point in their life experience such a night.