The white cotton singlet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By senorladron

I have never understood the big deal with women’s fashionable underwear. I absolutely do not get turned on by any of it. Garter belts? How impractical! Corsets? Too much fabric and too much work! Teddys, nightgowns and negligees? I’d rather just see you naked.

There is, however, one particular garment that just drives me crazy. If you put on a well-used, slightly oversized white cotton singlet, and nothing else, I will lose my mind for sure. How it drapes along your perfect curves, highlighting the best parts… how your nipples are slightly visible through it! I can clearly imagine the feeling of touching you through it, gently squeezing your soft breasts through that thin cotton fabric just makes them so much softer, makes me want to fondle and play with them forever. Gently pushing the singlet up along your back to reveal your naked buttocks... I am lost...