The Sounds of Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dieyoungstaypretty

I recently found out I'm obsessed with the sounds of sex. Nothing turns me on like hearing the gasp of two mouths in a wet kiss, the bodies that rub one on another, the whimpers of excitement and the cries of pleasure of a climax.
 Just like last night; I was trying to sleep when, thanks to the summer heat, from the open windows of a building on the other side of the street I heard a woman having an orgasm. A rather short but intense orgasm, of just a few seconds, but it struck my imagination so hard that I barely had to touch myself to come instantly.
So I thought about how great would it be to have a device capable of hearing the voices of strangers having sex. I would wear my cufflinks and make long solitary walks, listening to people of all sorts making out and tearing off their clothes; people licking every inch of their bodies, whispering obscenities in their ears, spanking; people giving and receiving orders, fucking and being fucked; married couples or one-time lovers, young men with old women, old men with young girls, gay couples, singles engaged in self-eroticism.
 I would hear and imagine all of them, the whole city as an orchestra playing an ecstatic symphony, until all the voices would fade out and just a sound could be heard - that of my enjoyment.