The Shiny Secret

A Sexual Fantasy


Back in college I used to live in an all female student house which made for a very open and safe space. No one batted an eye with the occasional nude walk from the shower to the room and we definitely felt very comfortable around everyone else. For a few months an exchange student from Germany moved in and it was not long before she established herself as the nudist in the house. She would often walk around naked, even in the kitchen while fixing her dinner or when watching TV in the common room. It was something new but it didn't take long before we all got used to it. There were however several occasions when I would watch her from the couch as she was walking around and noticed she often wore a jeweled buttplug. It was discrete but I could definitely catch a glimpse now and then. I always wondered if she did this for her own pleasure or if she was somehow wanting to be discovered. Sadly I was too embarrassed to ask about it and I'm not sure if any of my other roomies noticed. She was very attractive but back then I hadn't really discovered how much I enjoyed the company and touch of another woman. I have always regretted not being more adventurous and since then I have constantly fantasized about what would have happened if I had dared point it out. I would have loved to find out the pleasures of anal sex back in my college years and what better way to have done it than with her. Perhaps you can make me imagine where this could have taken me.