The Seafood Counter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Evelyn Oxygen

Last summer my boyfriend and I went on vacation from Germany to the Canary Islands. One day we’d spent by the ocean relaxing on a nude beach, enjoying life. On our way back to our airbnb we decided to stop by a grocery store to buy some fresh fish and wine for dinner. At the seafood counter we browsed the range of deliciously fresh fish and quickly decided on what to get. As I looked up to order my eyes met with this beautiful woman behind the counter. She was smiling at me with freshly painted red lips and big brown eyes. She really looked a bit out of place behind that counter. I tried to order in Spanish but quickly started struggling and went back to speaking English. Each time I said something she smiled, nodded and repeated it in Spanish in a kinda shy but very endearing way. I asked myself if maybe she was flirting just the slightest bit. We thanked her and on our way to the cash register my boyfriend said "That woman working behind that seafood counter, she really was beautiful.“ I nodded, then turned back to catch another glimpse and couldn’t help but wonder what her long brown hair looked like underneath that net and her slim body and soft olive skin underneath that bulky apron. When we got back to the airbnb I spent all night fantasizing about going back to that seafood counter, slipping her a note with our address and asking her to come see us there in the evening. Fantasizing about her looking at me in a surprised yet flattered manner, actually considering it. Her at our door when I almost thought she wouldn’t come at night. Seeing her without that work uniform, without clothes at all. Discovering her body with my lips, my tongue. My boyfriend watching us explore our bodies, touching himself. Him fucking her, then me, all three of us sliding into sweet ecstasy between those white sheets in that airbnb by the beach.