The Pond

A Sexual Fantasy

— By El Aleman

I had a dream about a lesbian friend of mine. I am walking towards a pond in the middle of a broadleaf forest. It's autumn and all the leaves fell down and covered the whole ground in yellow with brown leaves sprinkled among them. The sun is setting behind the pond. There is a huge log that fell across the pond, it must have been there for a couple of years already as it is covered in moss and some yellow leaves. My friend appears from the right side of my view, she tries to cross the pond by hanging on the downside of the log and moving forward with her arms and legs. In the middle of the pond her arms slip and she falls into the water. I run towards her, getting undressed on the way. I enter the water, swim all the way to catch her. In a hugging position I drag her to the shore. We lay there for a minute, naked. I still have my arm on her chest, holding her. I move my upper body and I look into her eyes. We kiss.

I wake up.