The Online Strangers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LustInSpace

A guy and a girl are in their separate homes on an adult chat site. They find each other and begin to send messages about their fantasies. The girl wants to have sex at night in a bus or train shelter as the traffic passes and there is the risk of being caught. The guy says he has done that before and it was hugely exciting. As they speak they find out more about each other and realize they live in the same country... then the same city... then the same suburb. When they finally swap names they realize they know one another. He is a friend of one of her friends, who is an ex of his, and they have met and socialized at a bar and obviously found each other attractive, but the guy has not wanted to hit on her because he hasn't wanted to upset his ex who he still gets on well with.
At first both are slightly embarrassed that they have been having such an erotic conversation when they are casual acquaintances, but soon they find that it will be easy for them to live out her fantasy. They both live within walking distance of a bus shelter and decide to meet. He asks her to wear a dark coat with nothing underneath but stockings and underwear.
I imagine the camera initially close up on the computer screens as the words are typed .. tense pauses as each awaits the other's response.
When they meet... well that would be your area of expertise! But their sex is sudden and without words; no hellos.