The long anticipated return

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheShepherd

They only met weeks ago but have fallen madly in love, unable to keep away or their hands of each other. So greater was the torture when they had to separate for a week due to previous holiday commitments which meant she went skiing for a week with friends in France.
The week seemed endless and he hardly could concentrate on anything, never mind work. They were texting each other endlessly, talking about what they would do to each other when they will meet up again next. The tension was just building the entire week and every lonely night they went to bed without one another. He spent most of his time planning for her return. The house was cleaned, the food was planned, the champagne on ice. Nothing would spoil their long romantic weekend after her return.
When she finally walked through the door on that Saturday evening he just took her in his arms and started to kiss her. Initially quite gently but neither could contain their emotions and built-up sexual tension. They started to kiss hard and fast, greedy to taste each other, 2 people finally finding water after days in the burning dessert. They literally tore the clothes of each other and within seconds were naked, still standing by the door and kissing hard. He is sucking hard on her nipple until she groans and finally lifts her up against the door onto his erection. She is ready and has been waiting for this moment for the entire week, both of them have. Without a spoken word they fuck hard until shortly after they both come and finally find the release of all the built-up tension and longing they had for each other. They both needed this more than anything right there and then. Now they could look forward to a relaxing weekend in each other’s company, making love many more times, much slower and much more sensual.