The forest experiment

A Sexual Fantasy

— By cosmos

The richness in life is derived from experiences. Sex is experience. And there is so much to experience.

A few people, maybe 4, 6 or 8 with a more or less even balance of genitals, gathered together in a house, or a cottage, somewhere private and welcoming. Maybe there´s a fireplace, a view of a forest. Some good wine and food. The people meeting here are private about their sexuality and don’t advertise it, but are nonetheless highly sexual. It’s hard for these people to find experiences to satisfy their cravings and fantasies because they desire a certain sort of person and a certain sort of setting. These are people who have fantasized, orgasmed, hunted the internet, but found only the vinyl anonymity of swingers clubs and websites, craigslist ads, crap mainstream porn, or maybe had limited or awkward but intriguing experiences in the flesh. But they never quite found what they were looking for.

This group wants to experience other kinds of people. More than one partner, a different kind of body, big or small, lean or curvy. Woman, man, something of both? Different hands, mouths, vaginas, cocks, breasts, hips, and ass. What is it like, say for a woman to touch and taste another woman? What does it feel like to hold another man’s cock, or direct one into another vagina or ass? What does it feel like to feel, touch, taste…a hard body or a soft body? To lick another person’s cum from a different mouth or skin? To share your body with two or three or four or more?

This is slow sex, intimate sex, for people who want to lose their inhibitions. To carefully and intentionally satisfy their cravings and curiosity in a private, personal and intimate setting.

To be free to explore, discover, experiment, and experience. An afternoon and night. Weekend. Three days. More? Enough time to get to know each other and grow comfortable and intimate enough to open up and go to wherever the paths lead.