The board meetings

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tigresse

I'm the union representative at my office and some of the work I do for the union is sitting on a board with lots of old or middle aged men, who wear sweaters and sandals with white socks. However, among them is this hot guy, who is really handsome and smart and he always makes it impossible to concentrate!
I first saw him when he came to visit our workplace with a few of the other union reps and I knew right away that I wanted him. To be honest (I guess that should be part of my confession), he is part of the reason why I decided to work more actively within the organs of the union organisation. His dark eyes and straightforwardness immmediately drew me to him.
A few years have passed since that first day and we've done several projects now, have become close and natural partners in our union work, have even become friends. We sometimes go on these tours together throughout the country and have late night meetings in our hotel rooms. We write to each other in the morning so that we can coordinate breakfast. Both of us are in good, strong relationships and I feel like we can talk about anything. He really gets me. I should be content.
However, whenever I see him I think of one thing and one thing only: I really, really wish he would just take me to his hotel room (or stay in mine) and just fuck me! There is usually this moment when we say goodnight, a pause, and then we go to our seperate rooms. Instead, I dream that he suddenly lift me up against the hotel door, tear aside my underwear and fuck me hard. I want him to kiss me everywhere and lick me until I come. I want him to throw me on the hotel bed and push himself inside of me from behind. I want us to laugh and go to sleep, all tangled up. In the morning, I want us to go down to breakfast, looking into each others' eyes, like we always do.
God, I wish I could stop thinking about it at every single meeting - they're kind of important, you know!