Tattoo Ecstasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sar

So I finally decide I want a tattoo on my thigh, so I make an appointment. I arrive to the studio and see a beautiful girl who is covered in tattoos. Then I find out she is the one tattooing me and I get very excited and nervous because duh, she is beautiful, and this is my first tattoo. She is very nice and has a beautiful smile. I start explaining what I want and while she is designing my tattoo, we talk very comfortably so we get to know each other. She places the template on my thigh and I lie on the stretcher. She explains to me about the needles and all that stuff and then she starts tattooing me. I can feel the sexual tension every time she touches me. I close my eyes and feel my heart races so fast. I’m very nervous. She tells me not to worry and then I can feel her hand slowly going up and I moan softly. She looks at me waiting for approval and I give it to her. She then moves her hand to my vulva and starts rubbing it. She goes on top of me and I pull her so I can kiss her. We hump and undress each other very fast, like if we were in a hurry. She goes down and starts eating me out. I moan very hard. I pull her and then I’m on top of her. We move to the couch. I kiss her boobs and bite her nipples, and finally I reach for her pussy. After we have sex, we lay down for a while and she offers to finish the tattoo, but I say no, because every time I’ll look at it, I’ll remember the best sex I’ve had in my life.