Summer’s Spell

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Evangeline

At the beginning of the year I went on a mountain hike alone. I try to do this every few years whenever I feel I need to clear my head and get away from reality a little. While on my hike, I stopped by a stream and I met a woman with the most beautiful curly black hair I’d ever seen. She said she was doing the trail with a few friends but they were meeting at the next post later that day. We chatted for what felt like hours and ended up having sex in a slightly more concealed area nearby the lake. This is super out of character for me - I’m not even that sexual of a person and I’d never usually dare to try anything where I could possibly get caught - but I was absolutely enchanted by her. We stayed and hung out and shared a few of the snacks I had but we didn’t even exchange surnames or phone numbers so I’ve never been able to contact her. I plan to go back to the trail around the same time this year but honestly, I’m happy to believe she was some kind of beautiful woodland witch that came to me when I most needed to connect with somebody.