Steamy Lesbian Encounters

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Black rose

I'm going to the gym to work out, I don't feel in great shape compared to all the other people there. My eyes keep getting drawn to one woman in particular who is in her own world working out, she looks great and I can't help but look at her body. I carry on with my work out, however our eyes keep meeting across the room and she comes over and asks if I want some tips, we laugh and chat for a bit and she gets me a drink. Our hands touch slightly. We finish our workouts separately and then I go to the changing room to shower. It's open showers and I'm nervous, but no one else is there so I strip off and get under the hot water and it feels great and I close my eyes. When I open them again I see her naked stepping in the shower and I jump as I didn't hear her, she laughs and apologises. We both shower in silence for a bit and you can feel the excited tension and I can't help but look over at her, naked and wet. She catches me looking and I say sorry you just look great. She says it's ok, she saw me looking. She walks over to me slowly and says but you look great too. She begins to slowly touch me and I her. Kissing and touching under the steamy shower.